Hair Flash Color

Unique & Unstoppable

Hair Flash Color is Revolutionizing the Industry while keeping it Au Naturalle! 


The same way that applying makeup is a norm in any lady (or man’s) daily routine, Hair Flash Color
has followed suit and created a product where you can enhance and play with your look by using this
new spray dubbed as “Make-up your hair.” Hair Flash Color is a new category of hair dye product
with a temporary and instant colouring effect and a completely natural non-chemical formula!

This water-resistant and washable temporary color will disrupt the Hair Dye Market, creating a
unique and new category. Hair Flash Color is designed to meet all the needs and solve the recurring
problems of women who dye their hair, reducing the use of harsh chemical products and bringing a
new approach to colour in the Beauty Industry.

This is ideal for the experimental fashionistas who use modern products to alter their style visibly on
the daily. With this modern daily step to your routine, playful beauty will become an intoxicatingly
colourful Lifestyle!

It is a multi-action product which allows you to touch up between colourings. It illuminates sections,
shimmers, colours the hair, enhances hairstyles, follows current ombre' trends, covers roots, greys
and finally, protects the hair with its use. It is so simple to use that you will not be able to resist at
least one of the 5 shades that this revolutionary product comes in. 
This playful product was born to
offer a solution to the eternal problem of overstressed hair coloring 
problems, which is where this
product takes care of selling itself.


Sylvie Israel designed this product because she stood in a very strategic place in the make-up world
and had a vision that fused the beauty of makeup with hair care. She is like millions of women;
active, urban, busy and in a hurry to live. She understood how much the modern women wanted to
maintain everyday beauty.

She created a premium care product that colours the hair instantly as "Hair Make-Up“ in Spray form
with high quality Ingredients including organic compounds & mineral pigments to colour, and above
all, nourishes and enhances hair protection with Antioxidants, UV Protection & Hydration. The
concept stems from placing Hair Flash Color in a unique position on the market as the best trendy
product to serve consumers daily.

A spray system with no chemical process, no constraint or risk of damaging hair. Although it sounds
too good to be true… it is in fact the only NATURAL hair cosmetic which protects & colours the hair
instantly. Unlike most competitors, this is NOT a chemical aerosol using pollutant gas hydrocarbons
that cause additional planet damage.

It is Free of all unsafe ingredients! Hair Flash Color colours and protects the hair in seconds thanks
to Mineral Pigments, Antioxidants, UV protectors and Nourishing Compounds like Argan & Castor oil
and Aloe Vera.

So get your play on, while being both safe for the hair & good for our planet too!


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