Essential Oils



When you think of summer, you think of outdoor living, the heat, the sun. However, that season also comes with a number of annoyances capable of ruining any holidays – mosquito bites, scrapes and scratches or foot fungus just to name a few. But Windsor Beauty Supply has just what you need to alleviate those summer bummers: Ceylon Citronella, Spike Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils.


Ceylon Citronella

Commonly found in Indian and Indonesian dishes, Ceylon Citronella has long been used as an insect repellent. Pesky bugs really hate that smell! Simply rub the skin with a few drops of pure Ceylon Citronella essential oil and enjoy its efficient repellent action. You can also add 3-4 drops to your sunscreen or fragrance-free body lotion prior to application. No summer outdoor fun is complete without it!


Spike Lavender

Famous for its relaxing scent, Spike Lavender can also quickly relieve wasp stings, mosquito bites and burns. Just apply 2-3 drops and rub the skin. Be sure to pack some in your suitcase or beach bag!


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree is one of the most widely used essential oils, mainly because of its superior antiseptic properties. This oil has a proven ability to help fight off infections in cases of scratches, cuts and even foot fungus – frequent in summer due to higher levels of humidity. Simply soak a cotton ball with 2-3 drops of Tea Tree essential oil and apply directly on the wound for a few minutes.


Enjoy summer weather the natural way with these three great essential oils from LOTUS AROMA!