Lately, I have been asked the question: “Do you have a recipe against Ticks?”

Without any further due, Say Good-Bye to Fleas & Ticks with this LOTUS AROMA Essential Oil Mix

In an empty bottle, add the following:

· 100 drops Tea Tree essential oil
· 100 drops True Lavender essential oil
· 50 drops Clove essential oil
· 50 drops Citronella essential oil
· 25 ml rubbing alcohol

Cork, shake well to mix and label your bottle. Your Flea & Tick Mix is ready!

This should do it! Very powerful and efficient.

Instructions for use Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and thoroughly spray all surfaces where fleas and ticks can be found: cushions, carpets, cat litter, dog basket, etc.

Precautions As always, Precautions for use must be strictly observed, as essential oils can be irritating to the respiratory tract. Therefore, do not spray your Flea & Tick Mix in a room where there are pregnant or lactating women, or children under 6 years of age.

Have a wonderful summer!